Global Diabetic Foot Course
The Evolving Concept in Diabetic Foot
12-15 November 2023
Intercity Hotel Muscat, Oman


committee Global Diabetic Foot Course Speaker


Dr. Amit Jain

Consultant and head
Amit jain’s institute of diabetic foot and wound care
Brindhavvan areion hospital
Bangalore, india

Dr Amit Kumar C Jain is currently a consultant and Head at Amit Jain’s Institute of Diabetic Foot & Wound Care, Brindhavvan Areion Hospital, Bengaluru, India. He was formerly Professor of Surgery.

Dr Amit Jain has laid down the first original principle and practice of diabetic foot and has earned the dubious distinction of being the founding father of modern and super modern diabetic foot surgery system from India as per published medical literature and has 6 distinct world records in field of diabetic foot for his original innovative work which is first of its kind from India.

Dr Amit Jain runs the largest known independent project in diabetic foot from past 7 years and does the philanthropic work through his charitable trust. He is credited to run one of the unique shows on diabetic foot and wounds from 2 years for first time from India that is known as “Podollywood of Diabetic Foot” in view of its unique original academic series and chapters presented through whimsical way. Dr Amit Jain has been training thousands of healthcare professional on modern diabetic foot surgery system through his project and now through his shows.

As a mark of respect to Dr Amit Jain for his phenomenal published work on diabetic foot, the group of doctor directors of Brindhavvan Areion hospital named its wing in 2017 after Amit Jain, a move which again is one first of its kind around the world and is well documented in Grand Asian record books.

Dr Amit Jain was already identified as a unique talent by the Gulf Diabetic Foot Working Group (GDFWG) in year 2013 and presented to the international forum since then. His unique work and way of teaching has been liked and extensively appreciated my most delegates in previous courses and conferences of Gulf Diabetic foot working group and he has been one of our popular international speaker and trainer on diabetic foot.