Global Diabetic Foot Course
The Evolving Concept in Diabetic Foot
12-15 November 2023
Intercity Hotel Muscat, Oman


committee Global Diabetic Foot Course Speaker


Dr. Hussam Itani

Dr. Hussam Itani is a highly accomplished wound management consultant and trainer with an extensive background in the field of wound care. His academic achievements and professional experience make him a valuable contributor to the advancement of wound healing practices.

Here is a detailed profile of Dr. Hussam Itani:


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the American University of Beirut
  • Medical Doctor (MD) from St. Petersburg State Medical University
  • Completed clinical training in General and Septic Surgery at St. George Hospital in Russia
  • Master of Science degree in Wound Healing and Tissue Viability from Cardiff University, UK


  • Over 20 years of experience in wound care
  • Creator and facilitator of various wound management training courses
  • Conducted training programs for more than 18,000 healthcare professionals.
  • Expertise in conducting introductory and specialized wound care training.
  • Contributions to wound care-related journals and participation in medical conferences.

Publications: Dr. Itani has authored and co-authored numerous publications in reputable wound care-related journals. His research and insights contribute to the field's knowledge and advancements. Some of his notable publications include:

  • Expert commentary on assessing the bioburdens in poorly healing wounds (Wounds Middle East, 2014)
  • Examining the impact of new biomarkers on the understanding of chronic wound infection (Wounds Middle East, 2014)
  • Reviewing the benefits and harm of NPWT in managing closed surgical incisions (British Journal of Community Nursing, 2015)
  • Investigating the impact of psychological stress on wound healing in patients with diabetic foot ulcers (The Diabetic Foot Journal Middle East, 2015)
  • Exploring the influence of smoking on dermal wound healing (Wounds Middle East, 2015)
  • Discussing clinical studies on the use of silver in managing patients with venous leg ulcers (Wounds Middle East, 2019)

Additionally, Dr. Itani has co-authored papers on topics ranging from foetal wound healing to neuropathic pain scale reliability and values and priorities in diabetic foot care.


  • Invited speaker at several national and international medical conferences.
  • Active participation in sharing research findings and insights with the medical community

Dr. Hussam Itani's extensive education, practical experience, and substantial contributions to wound care research and training underscore his expertise in the field. His dedication to improving wound care practices and imparting knowledge to healthcare professionals is evident through his training programs and published works.